Namibian Police Clearance or Certificate of Conduct

A sample Namibian Police Clearance or Certificate of Conduct.

How to obtain a Namibian police clearance or Certificate of Conduct

Getting a Namibian police clearance or Certificate of Conduct when you need to use it in order to study or work abroad can be a lengthy process, and often, people think that they can easily go through the process themselves. But once you understand the process and all it entails, you will come to realise just how valuable the help of a legal firm can be. The information on this page has been put together to help you understand what a Namibian Certificate of Conduct is and how you can make use of our services to help you obtain the police clearance documentation you need.

What is a Namibian Certificate of Conduct or police clearance?

A Namibian police clearance is a certificate that is issued after a background check has been conducted in order to enumerate any criminal records that an individual might have. The Namibian Police Criminal Records Centre, located in Windhoek, is where Namibian nationals (and foreigners) get their clearance certificates processed. You can learn more about the Certificate of Conduct process by visiting their website.

How to apply for a Namibian Certificate of Conduct

In order to apply for a Namibian police clearance certificate, you will need to supply a set of fingerprints as well as a certified copy of your passport, along with the completed application form for Namibian Police Clearance. The application form contains details such as your full names and surname, identity number, date of birth, and place of birth. It is general practice for a police officer to assist individuals with taking their fingerprints when they wish to apply for a Namibian Certificate of Conduct.

Should you wish to arrange your police clearance certificate through us, you can complete the fingerprint application form at your nearest police station, after which we will submit your documents to NAMPOL for processing. The South African SAPS fingerprint form can be used.

What is the processing time for a Namibian Certificate of Conduct?

Although some information on the Internet makes it seem like a quick and easy process, the reality is that it can take anywhere between four and six weeks and sometimes months for your application to be processed.

Should you urgently need to obtain your Namibian police clearance, you can also submit an official letter from the institution that needs the Certificate of Good Conduct (in which the urgency of such certificate should be stated). This may assist us to obtain it faster, but does not always work in reality. It is always recommended that you apply for your official documents well in advance of when you will need them and that you make copies of all your documents before submitting your applications. Do not laminate your documents as they can no longer be authenticated or apostilled for most countries.

For how long is a Namibian Certificate of Conduct valid?

In general, a Namibian police clearance certificate is valid for six months. Keep in mind that the date stamp on the Namibian Certificate of Conduct is vital, since some countries only hold the document valid for three months, even if it is apostilled. can help you obtain your Namibian police clearance certificate quickly, however that this processing time excludes courier time (which can take a day or two more fromNamibia to overseas destinations, even with DHL). Should you require your document/s to be apostilled, we offer a fast and reliable service for that as well. You can see our pricing and get in touch with us for more details.