Letter of Confirmation of Marriage

Example Letter of Confirmation of Marriage

South Africans who get married abroad must submit a Letter of No Impediment. Authorities need this letter in order to verify that you are not already married (i.e., that you are either single, divorced, or widowed). Sometimes, however, and depending on your marital status, you will also be required to submit a Certificate of Confirmation of Marriage or a Marital Status Letter/Certificate to prove that you are already married.

Usually, if you are married, however, the document required is an unabridged marriage certificate. But, occasionally this document is either not available, or the authorities you are submitting to require a confirmation of marriage, not a marriage certificate. There are more reasons stated below.

The importance of a Certificate of Confirmation of Marriage

A Certificate of Confirmation of Marriage may be referred to as a Marital Status Certificate or Proof of Marriage Letter. These letters are government documents that state a person’s current status. According to the National Population Register of South Africa, they indicate whether a person is married, divorced, or single.

A similar letter is the Letter of No Impediment, also issued by the Department of Home Affairs in South Africa, proving that an individual has nothing impeding their marrying someone, in other words, that they are, in fact, SINGLE or DIVORCED.

These documents are often used by couples that got married outside of South Africa and now wish to register their marriage in South Africa. In the event that an unabridged marriage certificate cannot be obtained fast enough, this certificate can be used as an alternative in certain cases. Please keep in mind that a Letter of Confirmation of Marriage is not the same as an unabridged marriage certificate.

Letter of Confirmation of Marriage

Main paragraph from a sample Letter of Confirmation of Marriage

In some rare cases, other countries do not accept South African marriage certificates. Also seldomly, foreign authorities need proof from Home Affairs that a person did not get divorced since their marriage certificate was issued. This document is sometimes also referred to as a Confirmation of Marital Status. It can also be used by people who want to submit proof that they are widowed (WIDOW or WIDOWER).

These certificates are issued by the Department of Home Affairs and confirm an individual’s marital status. Although the letter seems similar to the Letter of No Impediment, it is not the same. This specific letter does not state that you are free to marry. Instead, it verifies your current status on the SA population register.

How do I apply for proof of my marital status?

Do you require a Confirmation of Marriage for official use abroad? You can apply for it with a South African Consulate or Mission office or within SA at most Home Affairs offices. That said, this document is rather rarely requested and many Home Affairs officials are not aware of it. There will be a form that has to be filled out along with a fee that has to be paid. Depending on how many cases the office has to process, your certificate may easily take up to 6 months (or longer) to be finalised.

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