Birth certificate with DHA stamp

An unabridged birth certificate with the DHA stamp.

Lodging and fetching of DHA Applications and outcomes

You have found your dream job abroad, or perhaps, you are considering the idea of heading overseas to go and find that dream job. Either way, you will have to apply for visas, regardless of where in the world you are travelling to.

On this page we will take a look at what your options are for applying for visas, discuss your options for DHA applications and how we can assist in lodging and fetching them with or for you.


Where can I lodge DHA applications?


Applications for civic certificates, like birth certificates, death certificates, late registrations of birth, marriage certificates, letters of no impediment, etc. are done at a Department of Home Affairs office or overseas mission, however the timing of the documents is very lengthy and we are able to assist you faster and apostille/legalise and courier your document/s to you, even overseas.


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VFS Global manages Visa Facilitation Centers for the Department of Home Affairs in South Africa, where you will need to submit your application forms, supporting documents, and biometric data. VFS Global processes temporary residence visas, permanent residence permits, waivers, exemptions, proof and verification of permanent residence permits, and proof and verification of exemptions. VFS operates in line with the regulation 9(1) of the Immigration Regulations, which states that visas to temporarily sojourn in the Republic in terms of section 11 up to and including sections 20 and 22 of the Immigration Act, 2002 (Act No 13 of 2002), as amended shall be submitted with all supporting documents.

Although VFS Global is the managing authority that accepts applications for visas and permits, they do not make decisions pertaining to the outcome of your application. The final decision of whether or not you are granted a visa or a permit rests in the hands of the Department of Home Affairs Head Office, in Pretoria.

All applicants submitting a visa or permit application must attend the Visa Facilitation Centre in person. You should make your application 60 calendar days before the expiry date of your valid passport and visa or permit.


Which documents must be submitted for visa applications?


Below is merely a standard set of documents as per the VFS website.

    • • A copy of your valid passport
      • A valid passport or travel document
      • All supporting documents as per the checklist relevant to your application
      • A duly completed online application form
      • An appointment confirmation and a visa fees receipt

How to apply for a visa


To learn more about the process of applying for a visa, you can visit the Department of Home Affairs website. You can apply for a visa or permit online via the VFS website, or to apply for a visa or permit at the center, you can follow these steps:

1. Firstly complete the correct online form

  • Pay the mandatory fee for scheduling an appointment after you have filled out the application form or credit card at the Visa Facilitation Centre
  • You will have to enrol your fingerprints and photograph at the Visa Facilitation Center, which is referred to as your biometric information.
  • After the application has been made, it can take up to ten weeks for a decision to be made, but the turnaround time is often shorter.


2. On the day of your appointment, you have to be at the Visa Facilitation Centre 15 minutes ahead of time. Make sure you take your appointment letter, the printed online application form, proof of payment, and all supporting documents along with your valid passport. When you arrive at the Centre, you will be given a token and will have to wait for your number to be called to make your application.


3. After the application process has been completed, you will be issued with an acknowledgement receipt, which will be used to collect your visas or permits once they have been issued.


4. You can choose whether you’d like to collect your documents in person at the Visa Facilitation Center or have a representative collect the decision for you. You will need your original passport to collect the decision or have an authorised collector collect the decision on your behalf with proof of authorisation to collect documents on your behalf. does not prepare or handle full visa applications or advise which documents must be included for the numerous visa options that exist. We only assist in the lodging of the application and receipt of the outcome at VFS, in some cases together with the applicant, who must appear in person. For full visa application support, look online for the various South African immigration agencies.


What we can definitely do is help you apply for civic certificates and documents such as birth certificates, death certificates, late registrations of birth, marriage certificates, letters of no impediment and more. See our pricing.