Chinese Embassy attestation

An attestation seal by the Chinese Embassy in South Africa.

We receive countless enquiries from people travelling to China to teach English or work in some or other capacity. China is a large country and has representation in South Africa in Pretoria and Cape Town

What is Chinese Embassy attestation?

To explain attestation, one should understand two other terms used in the legalisation of documents: authentication and apostille. Read more about the difference between the three terms here.

Countries can attest to the validity of documents that have been authenticated or apostilled by the host country’s international department or high court. Thus, in South Africa, a Chinese Embassy can attest your police clearance that has been authenticated at DIRCO, or China can attest your qualification that was authenticated at SAQA and DIRCO, but not the original document alone.

The words used are important. Documents cannot be apostilled for China, since China is not part of the Apostille Convention, in which member countries “trust” documents between each other that have been apostilled.

Chinese Embassy attestation is what is done to your documents within the Chinese Embassy. As mentioned, before the documents can be attested, they have to be authenticated in South Africa first.

Read more on attestation here: General information on our attestation service


To authenticate documents, we complete once of the following procedures. Most of the documents requested daily to be attested are one of those in the table.

Embassy or liaison office
These fees change often
Estimated from experience
Police clearance certificate
TEFL qualification (SA)
Notary and High Court
R950 + R875
TEFL qualification (Foreign)
Notary and High Court
R950 + R875
Degree (SA)
Degree (Foreign)
Notary and High Court
R950 + R875
Matric certificate (SA)
Umalusi and DIRCO
Medical certificate
Birth/marriage certificate
Most other documents (local or foreign)
Notary and High Court
R950 + R875

(See our Pricing page to be sure as the above pricing may be outdated.)

The attestation process

To attest documents, once authenticated as above in the table, they are taken to the Chinese Embassy in person. We naturally submit them on your behalf and collect them as well. The process is not that simple and requires a number of documents to be prepared. Travel to the embassy is also necessary, although there are embassies in a few South African cities.

Having the Chinese Embassy attestation form and Chinese Embassy medical form will not normally be enough. Following up with the embassy is also difficult as the right numbers are not published online and the right people are not listed either.

The Chinese Embassy will stamp the documentation and put a sticker on a further page which is appended. Chinese Embassy attestation for South African documents is critical to obtaining a job as a TEFL teacher in China and all the employment agencies and schools are aware of it. Sometimes they will refer to authentication in place of attestation, but they are not the same thing, as mentioned above.


Our pricing for Chinese Embassy attestation is mentioned here: Pricing of services. Usually it is R500 per document, but please check the current pricing here. The Chinese Embassy typically charges no fee to attest, but for an expedited service it costs R300 per document, which we bill clients for and pay across on the day of submission.

That’s it! For more questions and further information, contact us today.


  1. Good day

    I would like to know the fee for getting the TESOL qualification authenticated/ notarized by the Chinese Embassy only. I am from South Africa and I will work in Sichuan Province, Chengdu.

    Please advise all costs including delivery.

    Thanking you

  2. hi there, i sent my US degree to the us to be authenticted, but why wont the chinese embassy in SA attest it??

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