Namibian birth certificate

A Namibian birth certificate application form.

Applying for a Namibian Birth Certificate

Aside from using it for travelling purposes, there are numerous other reasons why Namibian citizens need full birth certificates. Since the Namibian Full Birth Certificate suffices for all uses, these are the only legal birth certificates that Namibian citizens can use for official use.

On this page, we take a look at what full birth certificates are and how you can apply for one (you’ll need to do this on your own, as our expert documentation services cannot in this case).

What exactly is a Namibian Full Birth Certificate?

Namibian birth certificates are documents that contain information about a person’s two biological parents or legal guardians. They are also known as unabridged birth certificates and do not carry the same weight as standard abridged birth certificates. Should someone wish to visit certain countries, such as South Africa, and one is under the age of 18, that person may require a full birth certificate along with other documentation such as a passport.

Generally speaking, Namibian full birth certificates are used for:
• International travel
• Emigration purposes
• Applying for visas to visit certain countries

Who needs to apply for a full birth certificate?

Although you will not need a Namibian birth certificate for domestic travel (for example between Windhoek and Swakopmund), you might be required to present this document when travelling internationally. In many instances, officials require Namibians to present their full birth certificates when applying for visas, overseas marriages and applications for foreign citizenship.

Namibian Birth Certificate example

A Namibian Birth Certificate example.

How can I apply for my full birth certificate?

Our team at specialises in assisting our customers with queueing for, applying for and obtaining all documents possible, but some documents, such as the Namibian full birth certificate are beyond our reach, since the country requires citizens to apply directly in person. Other documents, like the Namibian Certificate of Conduct are available through our services, though.

Applications for full birth certificates are lodged with the Namibian Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration, although they can also be processed at Namibian embassies, missions, and consulates.

To apply for a Namibian full birth certificate, you will need to obtain the following:
• Your ID document or passport in a clear PDF scan (done on a photocopier/printer)
• A completed Namibian birth certificate application form, completed with black ink, scanned in clear PDF format (done on a photocopier/printer)
• Copies of both your parents’ IDs or passports, in clear PDF scans (done on a photocopier/printer)

If you are in possession of an abridged birth certificate, that may help as well. Keep in mind that there is an additional fee for applications made if you are not in possession of an abridged birth certificate.

How long does it take to obtain a full birth certificate?

Depending on how easily accessible your details are in the archives, the process generally takes less than  3-6 months.

Our services

Should you need to obtain your Namibian full birth certificate, we unfortunately cannot assist you at the Ministry of Home Affairs, as an applicant has to apply in person. is a documentation agency based in South Africa that specialises in legalised and verified document assistance.