Sworn translation

What Are Sworn Translations?

  If you have been wondering what a Sworn Translator is and what his or her function is, this page will help you better understand the importance and role of sworn translations.   What does…

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Letter of No Impediment

Why Academic Apostilles Are Not So Easy

You have landed your dream job abroad, or perhaps you have finally found that studying opportunity you have always been looking for in a foreign country, but as you are getting all your documents in…

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Unabridged Birth Certificate from South Africa

Unabridged vs Abridged Birth Certificates

South African birth certificates, as they are currently referred to, indicate the names of both parents of a child, but this was not always the case. In fact, before 2013, South African citizens travelling abroad…

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sign document

What is a Notary Public?

What are Notary Public services? If you are planning to travel abroad for work or study purposes, you might have come across a few strange legal terms that you might not have fully understood. The…

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Apostilles and documents for TEFL teachers

A lot of young South Africans are living the dream, teaching English to non-English speaking students across the world. If you have your hopes set on teaching English, just having a TEFL certificate won’t cut…

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