Namibian Marriage Certificate example

A Namibian Marriage Certificate example.

How to apply for a Namibian Marriage Certificate

In certain events, you will be required to submit a Namibian marriage certificate for use in legal processes. On this page, we take a look at what this document is and how you can make use of our services to obtain legal documents like these.

What is a Namibian full marriage certificate?

A full marriage certificate proves that two people are legally married and that they have a legally binding marriage contract in place. These documents are official records demoting that two people have participated in a partnership and it includes jurisdictions where wedding licenses are not in place.

In some countries, the Namibian marriage certificate serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it serves as proof that nuptials are/were permissible. Secondly, it proves that the marriage has been witnessed by eligible witnesses. A full marriage certificate is also referred to as an “unabridged marriage certificate” or “long-form marriage certificate.”

Who needs to apply for a full marriage certificate?

If you wish to travel abroad or apply for visas for certain countries, you might be required to submit a full marriage certificate before you are allowed to apply for your other travel documentation. Other reasons, such as citizenship applications, adoptions, and other legal processes might also call for the use of these official documents.

Since these documents are issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, they are the only legal marriage certificates that individuals can use for legal matters abroad. If you plan on emigrating or applying for a foreign passport, you will definitely need to apply for a full marriage certificate before you can do so. Full marriage certificates offer more proof of the marriage and can be used for all legal processes, unlike abridged marriage certificates.

What is the processing time for a Namibian full marriage certificate?

The time it takes to expedite your application for a full marriage certificate is between three and six months. Please be aware of the fact that your application can take longer in certain events, depending on how easily accessible the original records are and how easily they can be retrieved from the archives of the Namibian Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration.

How can we assist you?

Here at, we have a team of dedicated document experts that are ready to assist you with obtaining certain legal documents if you do not wish to do so yourself. As a legal document assistance agency based in South Africa with partners in Namibia, we specialise in remotely assisting our clients with all their document needs. However, we unfortunately cannot help you with applying for and obtaining your Namibian full marriage certificate, as you must appear in person at a consulate or in Namibia. We can only post the application form link to assist you. This should be filled in with black ink when used in person.

Our team of experts is ready to help you with other Namibian document requirements, especially your Namibian Certificate of Conduct, so be sure to get in touch with us today if you require this.